Supporting the gospel preaching on the Internet!

Have a good time, call me Andriy Afanasiev, and I will be engaged in preaching the Gospel and the words of the New Testament on the Internet. For more than 10 years I have been creating and developing sites on CMS Joomla, and over 7 years creating sites on a Christian theme. In the distant 2014, I opened the site, as a result, I created the New Commandment for the Russian Synodal translation.

The Word of God is a feat, more precious than anything in our world. Earlier I was alive like a mustache, having walked and stomped on sins, but I was spared and I recognized God and the text of the Holy Letter. From that hour, I will be engaged in preaching the Word of God and God on the Internet.

Another of my sites is the Novy Zapovit in Ukrainian translation by Ivan Ogієnk, which I also created on Joomla, and which I will also require your input.

To promote that site advertising, I also created over 10 sites on blogspot and the Christian Forum of Ukraine

I need a lot of strength, patience, pennies and an hour, and then I will demand your financial support. If you can help me, then I'll be radiating any sums on the gamanets P1059937915 payer on the Internet. Money will go to support projects, pay for server hosting, domain names, and advertising.

If you are also engaged in the development of Christian sites, or if I preach on the Internet and if you want to help me, then you can vouch for contact details and profiles of social networks, as shown below. I also have my own channel at yuotube, de vie you can listen to the audio of Novy Zavit.

With the best blessings, Andriy Afanasiev!

+38 (067) 107-77-67
+38 (063) 636-06-06